Prevent specific files on procfs from being read using ld preload.


Tools such as ps and lsof primarily use procfs to obtain information about processes.

If one wants to know about a process with a certain PID, reading files under /proc/ is the way to go.

Conversely, if you don’t want information about a process with a certain PID to be known, you just need to prevent the reading of files under /proc/.


Prepare a custom readdir(64) and use it in combination with LD_PRELOAD.

For this case, open is left as is (to avoid complications).

If the file name matches the target process such as /proc/PID/cmdline or /proc/PID/stat, the dirent should simply be skipped.

Such a library can also be created in Rust. You can use a crate called redhook.

It was not maintained before, so I forked it, but it seems the original has also been corrected.

An actual implementation is as follows:



hook! {
    unsafe fn readdir(dirp: *mut DIR) -> *mut dirent => hide_readdir {
        loop {
            let d = real!(readdir)(dirp);
            if !d.is_null() {
                let name = String::from_utf8(Vec::from((*d).d_name).iter().map(|c| *c as u8).collect());
                if let Err(_) = name { continue }
                let name = name.unwrap();
                if name.starts_with("/proc") && check_process(name) {
            return d;

Hooks can be created very simply.

The real! macro is also used to call actual library functions.


$ cmatrix &
$ ps | grep cmatrix
1156946 pts/33   00:00:00 cmatrix
[1] + Stopped (tty output)       cmatrix
$ LD_PRELOAD=./ ps | grep cmatrix


This method can also be used by malware, and as introduced in a previous article, malware persistently uses this type of library with /etc/

Make sure to monitor such system-wide affecting files.


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